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Welcome to Wen Fan’s homepage

I am a CS undergraduate from University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). I am interested in program analysis and database. I am working with Prof. Yongle Zhang in Purdue University.


I enjoy coding on computer systems and I have done some work on program analysis and database. Here, I really appreciate Prof. Cheng Li’s encouragement through my research.

Building Global Index Table on Leveldb Sept 2020 - Dec 2021

Advisor: Prof. Yongkun Li (ADSL, USTC)

When the memory is sufficient, leveldb does not fully utilize it for indexing due to high hit rate. In order to leverage the excessive memory, we tried to read the index block into memory and build this global index table to accelerate indexing. I implemented the bloom filter and iterator in global index table and did some performance test. The project is here.

Optimization on a Static Taint Analysis Tool for Java Application July - Oct 2021

Advisor: Prof. Tianyin Xu (UIUC)

As a static taint analysis tool, cflow has some problems such as non-deterministic output and high false-positive rate. I checked the outputs for many times and found that they were caused by non-deterministic taint propagation and lack of use-checking. Later, I fixed the bug of non-deterministic output and reduced false-positive cases. The code is here.


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